Michael Pflug

michael pflug
Mr. Pflug was born in 1976 and he grew up in Bonn.

Furthermore, he studied law and graduated in Bonn. He has done a clerkship at the District Court of Dortmund and he has become a lawyer since 2005.

Mr. Pflug cares for the employers and employees in the field of labor law, as well as companies in the areas of Internet and e-business, data and Youth Protection Law. These include as part of the employment law advice in addition to the design, development and termination of employment, also cautions, fixed-term contracts, training and litigation.

In data protection, youth protection and online law, he assists companies in complying with the legal requirements.
He also advises on matters of administrative law; especially on the marked by a European law specification area of telecommunications law.

Languages: English, German, Spanish